2015-08-28: Nanchang Broom and Cart

2015-07-12: Nanchang Duck and Broom

2015-05-19: Mops escaping after knocking down a broom

2015-04-30: How to make a broom!

2015-04-30: Keeping the Wuzhen bus Station clean

2015-04-29: You can't find me.

2015-03-17: A bundle of Hubei Brooms

2015-03-15: Bathroom Broom

2015-03-01: Happy Lantern Festival

2014-12-26: Florist’s Broom

2014-11-09: Autumnal Cleaning

2014-10-23: Taking a rest from Autumnal sweeping

2014-10-12: Hide and Seek

2014-09-16: Lonely Street Broom

2014-08-23: Dustpan and Broom

2014-08-03: Imprisoned by a Mop

2014-08-02: Basement Brooms

2014-06-08: Trashy Brooms

2014-04-30: Giant Dustpan and Brush

2014-04-21: Hiding in the Bushes

2014-02-14: I like to ride my moped around the streets of Shanghai!

2014-01-04: Fenced in at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre

2013-11-21: Singed!

2013-11-16: Chained up by the PSB

2013-11-09: What a great night, I'm still legless this morning!

2013-11-03: Alfresco Broom Orgy!

2013-11-03: The Ex-Broom

2013-09-24: Bright brooms of Xi'an

2013-09-24: More Brooms of Beijing!

2013-09-21: Broom of the Forbidden City, Beijing

2013-09-21: Good Morning Beijing

2013-07-13: Broom phone home!

2013-07-11: Sweeping up the mess left on T166 Lhasa to Shanghai express!

2013-07-09: Thrown out with the trash in Lhasa!

2013-07-06: Tibetan brooms and hats for sale in Gyangtse, Tibet

2013-07-06: Monk Brooms at Pachu Monastery, Gyangtse, Tibet

2013-07-03: Dalai Lama's brooms at the Potala Palace

2013-06-26: A family of brooms sheltering from the oncoming storm!

2013-06-08: Triplets trying to escape!

2013-05-25: An orgy of brooms romping in the trash!

2013-05-21: I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

2013-05-17: Don't cross the line, you'll get wet!

2013-05-17: If you want a good time tonight then call me on one of these numbers!

2013-05-11: Help! I'm lost in South Korea!

2013-05-05: The loving couple!

2013-05-04: Hitching a ride!

2013-04-28: Repaired and recuperating in the shade of the midday sun

2013-04-26: Resting out in the sun during lunch break.

2013-04-24: Chongqing's finest keeping the streets clean!

2013-04-17: A broom keeping the air conditioner clean for the security guards

2013-04-14: A broom abandoned by its family at the Maglev Station, Shanghai.

2013-04-11: A broom taking a break for lunch in Chuansha, Shanghai

2013-04-11: A broom left alone in the rain and snow in Tonghua, Jilin

2013-04-11: Lets clean this bike up and ride off into the sunset!

2013-04-05: Cleaning Shanghai Railway Station's North Square

2012-12-11: The poorest broom in China! This photo was taken by a friend a month or so ago, I just forgot to post it!

2012-11-03: A Chinese Broom Party! Can you spot them all?

2012-10-30: A colourful broom specimen found in Rizhao, Shandong!

2012-10-04: The brooms of Old Shanghai!

2012-10-01: Keeping China Post clean from junk mail!

2012-07-15: Brooms of China No 13

2012-07-15: Brooms of China No 12

2012-07-13: Brooms of China - No 11

2012-07-10: Brooms Of China - No 10

2012-07-09: Brooms of China - No 9

2012-07-09: Brooms of China - No 8

2012-07-09: Brooms of China - No 7

2012-06-04: New Brooms of China - No. 6

2012-06-04: Brooms of China - No. 5 (Baby Broom)

2012-06-03: Brooms Of China - No 4

2012-06-02: Brooms of China - No. 3

2012-05-18: Brooms of China - No. 2

2012-05-16: The Brooms of China - No 1